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Strength and Conditioning Prices

Contact NHB at 713-885-7170
Or by email: RevoStrengthandConditioning@gmail.com

Let’s set up a FREE CLASS. Come and train at our gym for one free class and start to see the life changing benefits of Strength and Conditioning. Our trainers will ask you about your exercise history, medical history, special interests and concerns. We’ll teach the very basics of Strength and Conditioning and its purpose. Then, you will be guided through some of our drills, tailored to your fitness and skill level. What are you waiting for??? It is time to begin!


Discounts for families and Revolution Dojo members


Discount for Active Military, LEO, Fire Dept, and First Responders. Fitness is a huge part of the job and you risk your lives for our safety. Thank you.


10% off any package when you pay for the year in full (equivalent to getting more than one month free)


$135 for 12 workouts per month: 3 times a week
$155 for unlimited
Drop In Fee: $20, $10 for visiting members from another box


Kids Summer Class: $75 per child per month. Save $10 per additional child.


Personal training session and small groups are by appointment only:
1 on 1: $50
1 on 2: $60
1 on 3: $70


If we get four or more together we’ll have enough to start a class! Our hours are very flexible. View our schedule of classes to see if what we offer fits your schedule. We will meet your scheduling needs.


Explain the Costs: We are a coaching/training facility. You get coaching every time you step into our doors. If you’re referring to why you’re only paying $50 a month at other gyms, please understand that that is an access fee. That small fee just gives you access to their gym. Inquire about personal training there and you’ll see the value of our Coaching Membership.


Strength and Conditioning is for everyone! Regardless of your age or current condition , you can improve your fitness and health.




We require 30 days written notice via email to Jeff Messina (jeffmessina1@gmail.com) at the Katy location or Jaime Lazcano (jlazcano_bwk@hotmail.com) at the Houston location IN ORDER TO CANCEL YOUR AGREEMENT. NO EXCEPTIONS.




Declined or returned tuition payments:


There is a fee of $25.00 for each returned tuition payment.