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Hi, my name is Ruzanna. My passion is helping and inspiring people with fitness. I love Kettlebells, they offer dynamic, whole-body training that incorporates cardiovascular, resistance and full range-of-motion with a single workout.
One of my favorites movements is the Turkish Get-up. In addition to building strength, Turkish Get-ups increase your overall body stability, awareness, balance, and coordination. It is believed that this exercise was invented by ancient wrestlers in what is now Turkey to prepare them for their grueling competitions.
My sister was my inspiration for my fitness journey, she introduced me to the Kettlebell training. I got my Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification and I’ve helped many people to improve their lifestyle using the application of this wonderful tool.
I specialize in wrestling strength conditioning, this sport is very dear to my heart.
I believe learning proper technique will allow you to accomplish consistent progress and avoid injury.

Ryan Crowe
I have been coaching for 5+years working with both athletes (high school and collegiate) and regular everyday people ranging from novice to competitive. My passion is human movement in all forms, this translate to a training emphasis on challenging exercise that leaves the body feeling healthy and pain free ( aside from being sore). I have been fortunate in learning from other great coaches and trainers with respect to Olympic weight lifting, traditional strength and conditioning as well as kettle bell form and techniques. If you see me or my dog don’t hesitate to stop and say hi.

– Certificates for crossfit lvl 1 coach and mobility